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The Story Behind M. Magtague Group

Founded in 1971 in Hong Kong, we have been providing apparel services for some of the world’s most significant brands for over 50 years.

We help companies reach their business goals by helping to conserve resources whilst increasing growth and planning for the future with digital design & sustainable manufacturing options.

We provide sophisticated and transparent supply chain management of high quality apparel goods on a timely basis for a one-stop-shop design, sourcing and manufacturing solutions. We are committed to the highest operational standards with strict policies that govern ethical and sustainability related practices.




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Virtual Digital Design Teams

At M. Magtague, we use cutting-edge digital design platforms vital to the future of the apparel industry from a cost, time to market, and over all sustainability perspective.

Our design teams create virtual collections that can be sent to buyers globally. Our digital samples can be customized with feedback instantly in online meetings, and virtually visualized into garments in real time.

As an apparel services company, M. Magtague Group’s capabilities and virtual design tools can help your brand take weeks out of the go-to-market cycle with reduced costs and trimmed lead times.

Manufacture Your Collections With Us


We build a unique – tailor made brand strategy and design team around your particular needs and priorities. Our teams work fast, digitally and integrate with your designers to create the best products with faster lead times and lower costs.


Our raw material teams work closely with our customers to source materials, trims, yarns, etc. with our multiple suppliers to ensure all developments are executed according to the designers' visions.


We have a manufactuing base of over 1500 factories across Asia. All are fully inspected and compliant factories prior to and during production. Our strong quality control inspectors and garment engineering teams are stationed in our offshore factories, looking after your brand’s best interests.

Sustainability is integral to our business and planning process

Sustainability is a core value and focus at the M. Magtague Group. We partner with our customers who participate in recognised industry sustability programs to help them achieve their environmental goals.

We source sustainable raw materials, recycled fabrics, and environmentally friendly packing materials from eco-certified companies.

We re-engineer our product development as we reduce our environmental footprint in moving away from fast fashion to smart fashion. We are consistantly looking for new ways to ameliorate our environmental impact.


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